Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm not in Kansas anymore....

Here are some fun facts from Thailand:

1. It's hot. Like really really hot. And you have to be outside in the heat, unlike at home when you can sit inside the comfort of your air conditioned house/car/business. And the humidity is a whole different level of horrible.

2. It's more international than I thought it'd be. When I got here from South Korea, I was surprised how many white people there were!

3. I suck at figuring out the exchange rate. I have to use a calculator. For some reason the math isn't working. 30 Baht = 1 dollar. It shouldn't be that hard. It is.

4. I'm really not good at bargaining. I always start too high.

5. Shouting at you is an excellent method of advertisement. "Hello Massage" is specifically what they are shouting. Like that will all the sudden make you think, you know....that's exactly what I want. I just didn't know it until you shouted that at me!

6. They absolutely LOVE their king and queen. Like there are a million pictures posted all over everywhere.

7. The king is fairly old, and when he dies, I think it will be major trouble for the country. (My opinion, no actual facts to back that up).

8. They do the no shoe thing as well when entering their home or a holy/sacred place like a temple. I like it, except when I need to go grab "one quick thing".

9. They are really good about building new buildings, but not so much about doing long term maintenance. When a building is too far gone, they just abandon it, leave the building to continue to decay, and build a new one. Maybe not the best city plan.

10. They have fun fruit. (Mangosteen, Dragonfruit, Rambutan)

11. There are a ton of temples here. I learned that there are like 400 in Bangkok alone. Clearly the three that I went to didn't even scratch the surface.

12. When you go to the temples, you have to have your shoulders and your legs covered. So even though it's about a million degrees outside, you have to be super covered up. I have yet to figure out how to do this without sweating through ALL of my clothes.

13. I love the skytrain (kinda above ground subway). We totally need this in the KC metro area! I have this all figured out. No worries.

14. There are lots of ladyboys here. (If you don't it without the kids around)

15. The Buddhist temples are beautiful to bring people happiness. They want you to be happy....just not too happy.

16. You cannot drink the water here. Bottled water is super cheap, but still annoying. (Just found out bottled water is NOT cheap at the airport, FYI)

17. There are no fat people. Like no one. I was shocked today when I saw someone big enough to qualify for the biggest loser. Seriously.

18. It isn't really that clean. For a city that pays people to clean the streets, it doesn't seem to be working. In fact, there are quite a few people whose job, it seems, is to stand around.

19. They love some strange combinations of food. McDonalds sells tuna and corn turnovers (like our apple pie ones, just gross).

20. I missed a lot while I was here. I will be back Thailand. I will be back.

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