Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

From Thailand

In Hua Hin I decided to go exploring on my own for a bit. I was wandering down a street that I'd seen, but hadn't gone down on previous walks. As I was walking by, I noticed two people sitting with their feet in a fish tank. Ever since my mom had a fish pedicure I wanted to get one. So I said yes to the 150B price tag, they wiped my legs and feet down and I plopped my feet in. You have to put part of your foot on the actual bottom of the tank for some reason, I think maybe so the fish can find you. At first, all of the fish were on the two British teens legs, but some of them finally came over to eat the dead skin from my feet. (I am sure this was all very sanitary....or not).

From Thailand

It really felt very ticklish at first, especially underneath my toes. There was one mean fish who I think actually had teeth, but even then, it didn't was just a little more aggressive in eating. About half-way through my "spa treatment" the two other people left. This left me with lots of fish...but they didn't seem to all attack me. I then convinced some old French guy to get a pedicure...thinking he spoke English. I guess he did not, and he didn't get the fact that I said it was ticklish before he put his feet in.

From Thailand

My time was up, and they came out, wiped my legs and feet off again, and off I went. To be honest, I don't think my feet felt any smoother. But it did make me want to get a real pedicure soon. Especially when I think about how gross this actually was.


EMILY said...

Awesome. 'nuff said.

californiameaghan said...

ive always wondered about this particular beauty treatment but do not think i would ever be brave enough to try it. good for you! i think i would be too ticklish AND squeamish. :D