Friday, May 27, 2011

How to get a Korean Visa....or not?

Did you know that getting a Korean visa is more complicated than filling out your taxes? For those of you who might be are the steps.

Here are the steps to get a C-4 Visa to Korea:
1. Apply for an FBI Background check (For me, this was done in the middle of March). This will take at least 2 months...if you are lucky. Cost: $18
2. While you are waiting, get a passport photo taken for your visa. Cost: $9
3. Fill out visa application. Keep waiting for background check.
4. Background check arrives. Drive to Topeka to get your background check apostilled (that's a super fancy official notarization). Cost: Gas - $20, Apostille - $7.50
5. Call the Consulate and check to make sure you have everything that you need. You are told you also need to have your diploma's apostilled.
6. Get a money order from the bank for the application fee. Cost $47.50
7. Drive back to Topeka. Cost: Gas - $20, Apostille (2) - $15
8. Check to make sure you have everything (including passport). Head to the post office. Spend 20 minutes working with the nice lady at the BS post office to get everything paid for, and in the correct envelope. Cost: $28.50
9. Get a surprise phone call from the consulate. You need to send in the correct visa application form, a special form from the University in Korea, and your official transcript.
10. Send in the correct visa application via email.
11. Email Korea asking about the special form.
12. Fax ESU to try to get transcript. Transcript must be Fed-Ex'd to Chicago. Cost: $28
13. Realize that your fax won't be read until May 31st. You are screwed since you were to leave for Korea on June 12th.
14. Freak out because you don't have a passport or a visa.
15. Realize that you can't do anything about the situation and let it go, and drink some beer. Cost: $3.50

So, here I am almost three months after I started the process, without a visa. And unsure if I'll actually be going on this fantastic trip. So far I'm out $197.00

Here's to you Korean Consulate.


Meggers said...

I heart you, and your sense of humor. You're a HUGE inspiration to me!!!

PS I checked out your bucket list, and I believe you already have the Professional Soccer game done (didn't we do that in Spain??!!)

ALSO- Let's work on that Hockey game one too, come visit your MN friend, and we can go to a college AND professional one!! :) :) :)

kimbrlymay said...

oh man becca. ridiculous.

Michelle said...

I hear you! Getting a visa for anything seems like it contains a lot of ridiculous steps. Who knew? It will work out; my fingers are crossed! P.S. I really love this blog idea.